Research and Academic


Arnaud Bournel

Research activities: field effect transistors, transport in carbon nanotubes and graphene, spintronics. Tel : 33 1 70 27 04 08



Philippe Dollfus

Research activities: field effect transistors, transport in carbon nanotubes and graphene. Tel : 33 1 70 27 04 09

CNRS Research Director, in charge of the research on nanoelectronics



Marco Pala

Research activities: Semiconductor Device Physics, Ab initio & NEGF calculations. Tel : 33 1 70 27 04 02

CNRS Research Director, Head of the group


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Jérôme Saint-Martin

Research activities: Phonons/electrons transport in nanodevices, nanoelectrics, thermoelectrics. Tel : 33 1 70 27 04 04

Associate Professor, in charge of the research on thermoelectrics

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Davide Romanin

Research activities: electronic and thermoeletric properties of materials and devices

Associate Professor


Valérie Fortuna

CNRS Research Associate, head of the MISS (Maison d’initiation et de sensibilisation aux sciences)


Visiting Scientists


Post Doc

Alessandro Pilotto

Research activities: NEGF quantum transport

2021-2023 e-mail

PhD students

Adel M’Foukh

Research activities: Quantum transport with pseudo-potential hamiltonians

2019-2023 e-mail

Junbum Park

Research activities: electrothermal modeling in 2D materials

2019-2022 e-mail

Mohammad Ghanem

Research activities: Simulation of hot carriers

2022-2025 e-mail

Rémi Helleboid

Research activities: Simulation of SPAD

2021-2024 e-mail


Yassine Oussati

Research activities: Modeling of Si Single Photon Avalanche Diodes

2018-2021 e-mail

Jiang Cao

Research activities: Optoelectronc properties of 2D materials

Professor at the Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Visiting scientist at C2N sept-dec 2018


Thibault Cazimajou

Research activities: SPAD modeling with Monte Carlo simulations

Post-doc mars 2020-sept 2021 e-mail

Alejandro Urena Acuna

Research activities: Modeling of irradiated devices

2018-2021 e-mail

Demetrio Logoteta

Research activities: Innovative nanoelectronic devices.

Post-doc 2016-2019 e-mail

Brice Davier

Research activities: Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations to study thermoelectric properties in polytype Si/Ge nanowires.

2015-2018 e-mail

Jiaqi Zhou

Research activties: spin current.

2016-2019 e-mail

Jean Choukroun

Research activities: Simulation of transport in 2D materials

2015-2018 e-mail

Mai Chung Nguyen

Research activities: Graphene-based heterostructures

2013-2016 e-mail

Li Su

Research activities: spin current in graphene

2013-2016 e-mail

Adrien Vincent

Research activities: Nanosynapses with magnetic memory

2013-2016 e-mail

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Jérôme Larroque

Research activities: phonon transport and thermoelectric properties in Si nanowires.

2012-2015 e-mail more info…

thanayut Kaewmaraya

2015-2016 e-mail

Tran Van Truong

Research activities: phonon and electron transport in Graphene based devices.

2012-2015, 2022 e-mail more info…

Sébastien Guarnay


Salim Berrada

Research activities: phonon and electron transport in Graphene based devices.


Thu-Trang Nghiem-Thi

Research activities: phonon transport in Si nanowire.


Vincent Talbo

Research activities: quantum dot and 1 electron device.


Yann Apertet

Research activities: nanometer scale transport in oxide.


Ming Shi

Research activities: simulation of III-V FETs.

2008-2011 / 2011-2012

Fulvio Mazzamuto

Research activities: phonon transport and thermoelectrics in graphene nanoribbon.


Viet Hung Nguyen

Research activities: graphene and NEGF formalism.

2007-2010 / 2010-2011 / 2015

Alfonso Alarcon

Research activities: graphene transistor and NEGF formalism.


Sylvie Retailleau Research activities: transport in carbon nanotubes and quantum dots. Professor, President of Paris Saclay University  2020-2023.