Research and Academic

Arnaud Bournel

Research activities: field effect transistors, transport in carbon nanotubes and graphene, spintronics. Tel : 33 1 70 27 04 08


Philippe Dollfus
CNRS Research Director, in charge of the research on nanoelectronics

Research activities: field effect transistors, transport in carbon nanotubes and graphene.
Tel : 33 1 70 27 04 09


Davide Romanin
Associate Professor, Head of the group, in charge of the research on materials modeling

Research activities: Ab-initio investigation of electronic, vibrational and optical properties of materials 

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Jérôme Saint-Martin
Professor, in charge of the research on thermoelectrics

Research activities: Phonons/electrons transport in nanodevices, nanoelectrics, thermoelectrics.

Tel : 33 1 70 27 04 04

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MPMarco Pala
CNRS Research DirectorResearch activities: Semiconductor Device Physics, Ab initio & NEGF calculations.

Tel : 33 1 70 27 04 02

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Valérie Fortuna

CNRS Research Associate, head of the MISS (Maison d’initiation et de sensibilisation aux sciences)


Visiting Scientists


Post Doc

PhD students

Rémi Helleboid
Research activities: Simulation of SPAD
2021-2024 e-mail

Junbum Park

Research activities: electrothermal modeling in 2D materials

2019 – 2023 e-mail

Mohammad Ghanem
Research activities: Simulation of hot carriers

2022-2025 e-mail


Alessandro Pilotto
Research activities: NEGF quantum transport
2021-2023 e-mail
Adel M’Foukh
Research activities: Quantum transport with pseudo-potential hamiltonians
2019-2023 e-mail

Yassine Oussati

Research activities: Modeling of Si Single Photon Avalanche Diodes

2018-2021 e-mail

Jiang Cao

Research activities: Optoelectronc properties of 2D materials

Professor at the Nanjing University of Science and Technology

Visiting scientist at C2N sept-dec 2018

Thibault Cazimajou

Research activities: SPAD modeling with Monte Carlo simulations

Post-doc mars 2020-sept 2021 e-mail

Alejandro Urena Acuna

Research activities: Modeling of irradiated devices

2018-2021 e-mail

Demetrio Logoteta

Research activities: Innovative nanoelectronic devices.

Post-doc 2016-2019 e-mail

Brice Davier

Research activities: Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations to study thermoelectric properties in polytype Si/Ge nanowires.

2015-2018 e-mail

Jiaqi Zhou

Research activties: spin current.

2016-2019 e-mail

Jean Choukroun

Research activities: Simulation of transport in 2D materials

2015-2018 e-mail

Mai Chung Nguyen

Research activities: Graphene-based heterostructures

2013-2016 e-mail

Li Su

Research activities: spin current in graphene

2013-2016 e-mail

Adrien Vincent

Research activities: Nanosynapses with magnetic memory

2013-2016 e-mail

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Jérôme Larroque

Research activities: phonon transport and thermoelectric properties in Si nanowires.

2012-2015 e-mail more info…

thanayut Kaewmaraya

2015-2016 e-mail

Tran Van Truong

Research activities: phonon and electron transport in Graphene based devices.

2012-2015, 2022 e-mail more info…

Sébastien Guarnay


Salim Berrada

Research activities: phonon and electron transport in Graphene based devices.


Thu-Trang Nghiem-Thi

Research activities: phonon transport in Si nanowire.


Vincent Talbo

Research activities: quantum dot and 1 electron device.


Yann Apertet

Research activities: nanometer scale transport in oxide.


Ming Shi

Research activities: simulation of III-V FETs.

2008-2011 / 2011-2012

Fulvio Mazzamuto

Research activities: phonon transport and thermoelectrics in graphene nanoribbon.


Viet Hung Nguyen

Research activities: graphene and NEGF formalism.

2007-2010 / 2010-2011 / 2015

Alfonso Alarcon

Research activities: graphene transistor and NEGF formalism.


Sylvie Retailleau Research activities: transport in carbon nanotubes and quantum dots. Professor, President of Paris Saclay University  2020-2023.