Open positions

We are always looking for talented students or post docs. You will find some open positions below.

2023-24: Internships

  • Theoretical Investigation of Topologically Insulating Polymers for Energy Applications (M2)

Contact: Davide Romanin

  • Theoretical Investigation of Topological Insulators for Thermoelectric Applications (M2)

Contact: Davide Romanin

PhD Thesis:

  • First principle investigation of electronic and thermal transport in low-dimensional topological materials

Contact: Davide Romanin.

2022-23: Internships

  • Simulation of hot carriers by using ab-initio parameters for energy harvesting. (level M2)

Contact: Jérôme Saint Martin

  • Theoretical study of thermoelectric properties beyond the linear response of Single Electron Transistor (level M1)

Contact: Philippe Dollfus

  • Monte Carlo Simulation of static and dynamic thermal properties of nanostructures

Contact: Jerome Saint-Martin